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Bad Credit

Have the banks told you NO? Do you have impaired credit history? Don’t let your past financial hardships impact your future. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase that house you have been dreaming of, and don’t risk losing what you have worked so hard all your life to maintain.


Dynamic Loans are well aware that there are thousands of people Australia wide who have had credit implications in the past, or who are experiencing them today. If this is you, then it is likely that the traditional lenders won’t consider lending to you, regardless if you have gotten yourself back on track. There is an array of reasons as to why you may have experienced impaired credit in the past or present; 

  • Lack of work resulting in reduced income due to;
    • Injury
    • Illness
    • Extenuating circumstances
    • Over commitment
  • Marriage Separation
  • Lifestyle related over commitment
  • Increased cost of living
  • Bad credit management and decision making
  • Bankruptcy


Dynamic Loans’ non-conforming lenders will take the time to listen to why you have found yourself in your current predicament, and work with you to find a resolution to get you back on track. They won’t turn their back on you because of past misfortune or bad decision making, they will help you get back to where you want to, and should be. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be able to apply for a loan, regardless if life hasn’t gone completely to planned. While non-conforming loans can come with higher fees and slightly higher interest rates, it is often the best pathway to getting back to a strong financial standpoint which will allow you take out a loan with traditional lender again, often within the space of 12-36 months. 

Use a Dynamic Loans non-conforming loan like a pit stop until your credit history has chance to recover, at which point you can re-enter the market with a big 4 or traditional lender. This way to can get into your own home sooner, and stop wasting your hard earned income on rent. Rent money is dead money! You can also consolidate all of your debts into one affordable and easy to manage repayment with a non-conforming loan. Inquire today by filling out the fact find below, and one of our experienced brokers will get in touch with you within 24 hours.



"I have been recently discharged bankrupt and my hopes of getting any kind of finance were close to none.  So glad I met Kris at Dynamic Loans who introduced me to lenders that cater for people in my situation.  I have started the process of building up my asset portfolio again which I couldn't have done without Kris' help." - Nick




  Multiple lenders to choose from 
  Competitive interest rates and fees

  Solutions for any credit impairment

  Credit repair mentoring

  Flexible product options