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Fixed Rate Home Loan

Fixed Rate Home Loan

We can provide Fixed Rate options with a wide range of bank and non-bank lenders, which provide consistency in your repayments in times of economic uncertainty & instability. Lenders provide Fixed Rate loans over varying timespans where your interest rate does not vary, normally up to a maximum of 10 years.



If you like to rest easy knowing your mortgage repayment will be consistent, providing stability to your budget, then a fixed rate loan may be the avenue for you.


Once your fixed rate period comes to a close, the loan then automatically reverts to the current variable rate. You can either re-fix your loan again, or remain on a variable rate. Your loan can also be split into 2 portions, one with a fixed interest rate, and the other with a variable rate. This allows you to get the best of both interest rate structures. A portion of your loan is fixed for security, and the rest is on a variable rate, allowing you to benefit from a lower rate that has further potential to reduce depending on the economic climate.


A pitfall of a Fixed Rate loan is that your interest rate will not reduce if the reserve bank sanction an official interest rate reduction. If, however, they increase the official rates, then your rate won’t change either, so it’s not all bad news. Remember, fixed rate loans normally carry a slightly higher interest rate than variable rate loans, and some lenders even impose a cap on how much extra you can pay off your loan each year. There is never a bad time to give your home loan a free check-up, and one of our experienced brokers will be happy to find out of there is a better option out there in the market for you. 


Fixed vs Variable  – the pros and cons

The debate over whether you should fix your home loan rate, or leave it variable is always a hot topic. When it comes down to it, it really depends on the individual and their current and future needs & aspirations. While fixed rate loans often incorporate a slightly higher interest rate than your standard variable rate loans, 


it provides that guaranteed fixed payment for a term normally up to 5 years.

As you can see, this is quite attractive if you are conscious or restricted by your current budget. On the other hand, product flexibility (outlined below) is where you will be disadvantaged with this kind of loan.

If you opt for a standard variable loan, you do so knowing that your interest rate and repayment have the potential of fluctuating up and down. However, the positive of taking this ‘perceived’ risk is that you gain access to product features that are not available on a fixed rate loan such as;

Lump sum repayments
Unlimited extra repayments to pay off your principal faster
Early payout without penalty
Redraw facility

These features, when utilised appropriately and conscientiously, can help you to reduce your loan significantly. At Dynamic, we suggest the following option in order to structure your loan in a way that allows you to set goals to reach in order to reach financial freedom;

Split your loan into part fixed/part variable:

Set yourself an achievable amount (goal amount) that you believe you can pay off your mortgage over a chosen period, and allocate that amount to a variable interest rate which will allow to you pay lump sum amounts/extra repayments with no penalty. Fix the remainder of your loan amount for the same period to provide stability if interest rates move. Once you have achieved your goal, repeat the process again if you like or until your loan is paid off. 






"We have turned to Dynamic Loans to purchase our two homes and each time, they have ensured we obtain the best finance for our situation and have worked tirelessly to alleviate the stress and concern often associated with such applications." - Stuart




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