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Dymamic Loans





Residential Loans

With 10 years’ experience in writing home loans, we know exactly where to go when it comes to finding you the best possible option to suit your current needs, while keeping your future interests &aspirations at heart. Dynamic hunt down the most competitive interest rates on the market, and pair them up with the various forms of product flexibility that you require to complement your ever evolving lifestyle. Our expert service allows us to combine these 2 key loan features, in order to provide you with a range of options to best suit you right now, and moving into the future. We have ongoing access to the big 4 banks, as well as over 30 bank and non-bank lenders. We can accommodate clients with clean and impaired credit, and in our eyes, no deal is ever impossible.  



Basic variable home loan

Dynamic Loans can offer you some of the lowest Basic Variable Home Loans on the market. Perfect for clients who simply want to make their minimum repayment with minimal fuss and no extra product flexibility, or for the borrowers who need to


work within a tight budget. It’s important to remember that the repayments and interest rates for Variable rate home loans are impacted by the fluctuating market rates. Inquire today with one of our experienced brokers to evaluate your options. 

Standard variable home loan

Dynamic Loans’ standard variable rate options are the commonly the most prevalent type of loan, with rates dependant on the changes in the market. As the interest rate fluctuates, so will your monthly repayment. This flexibility as normally complemented 


by other loan features including offset accounts, no capping of extra repayments, split-loan capacity and redraw facility.Inquire today with one of our experienced brokers to evaluate your options.

Line of credit

A Line of Credit, also referred to as a revolving line of credit or Equity Manager, is account that you are only required to pay interest on the actual funds you spend, and typically have interest rates that are slightly above the normal variable home loan rates. 


A line of credit allows you cash out equity in your property, into a readily available source of funds. The product works exactly like a personal credit card but with a home loan interest rate, with interest charged on what you spend, and any principal repaid is available to redraw. Accounts are typically accessed via a debit card, and you are only required to make interest repayments, plus any lender fees or charges.If you are an investor who needs a readily available source of funds, or a high income earner looking to rapidly reduce your loan amount, a line of credit is geared perfectly for you. Inquire today with one of our experienced brokers to evaluate your options.




Honeymoon rate/Discounted Rate home loan

Honeymoon rate loans are great if you want to achieve a cheap rate for a short period of time in order to reduce the principal of the loan fast! The kind of product normally has a low interest rate for the initial 6-12 months of the loan, after which it reverts to the standard variable rate. 


The main weakness of this product is it often incorporates penalties if you discharge in the first 5 years, and once the honeymoon period is over, the variable rate that the loan reverts to may be significantly higher. Let us guide you through the considerations required to be sure if this product is best for you. Inquire today with one of our experienced brokers to evaluate your options.

Interest only home loans

Dynamic can provide a range of competitive interest only home loan products, perfect for investment properties where paying off the loan is not the primary goal. Interest only loans are primarily used for investment purposes where paying the loan off quickly is not the primary goal.  


Interest only loans only require the interest amount to be paid each month, with no money coming off the principal. The interest only period is only for a set term, after which the loan reverts to principal and interest repayments. Interest only loans are particularly used for investment as it they allow the borrower to make pure interest repayments, while the area experiences capital growth, and gentrifies, in turn increasing the value of the property. This kind of product is not suitable for owner occupied purposes, however it can be utilised in times of financial stress or hardship to facilitate reduced repayments for borrowers until they are back on their feet. Inquire today with one of our experienced brokers to evaluate your options.

Bridging home loan

Bridging finance is suitable for borrowers wanting to finance the construction of a new property, while retaining their principal place of residence until the construction is complete. This allows borrowers to avoid selling their existing home and renting until the completion of the construction. 


It is also suitable for borrowers who are looking to buy property before selling their existing home.Different lenders will uphold their own terms and conditions with Bridging finance, however you will usually be given 12 months to sell the existing property.When undertaking a bridging finance, both properties are taken as security and a variable rate is often applied.Inquire today with one of our experienced brokers to evaluate your options.





"We have already recommended Kris and Dynamic Loans to a number of friends and family, and will continue to do so, as the process is just so simple. Even when considering the possibility of a new loan, Kris is always the first person we call, and we know we can trust in his advice every time.” - Sarah




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